The Demonetization of Content Creation

Graphic I made with images I took myself and images from Pexels Video showing off what I do, and the categories of this post (Except podcast and I don’t play games) Now more than ever it seems easier and harder to get money and make a living on the internet. It seems like the more you want to be a content creator the more roadblocks that come in the way. Recently, I have realized that there are more companies that want to monopolize their platforms and slim the chances of ot

The Lost Q and A Featuring Preston Wittwer

Made by Andre Tidwell There was a conversation that was recoded on video, but you can’t see it, because it got deleted; however I will have an Q & A with myself when I run out of things that I can remember from this interview. Preston Wittwer is an Assistant Editor and Podcast Producer and for a podcast produced by “The Philanthropy Journal” called “The Nonprofit Experience.” Preston graduated from Brigham Young University (BYU) getting a BA in Communications and MA in Englis