The Demonetization of Content Creation

Graphic I made with images I took myself and images from Pexels Video showing off what I do, and the categories of this post (Except podcast and I don’t play games) Now more than ever it seems easier and harder to get money and make a living on the internet. It seems like the more you want to be a content creator the more roadblocks that come in the way. Recently, I have realized that there are more companies that want to monopolize their platforms and slim the chances of ot

The Lost Q and A Featuring Preston Wittwer

Made by Andre Tidwell There was a conversation that was recoded on video, but you can’t see it, because it got deleted; however I will have an Q & A with myself when I run out of things that I can remember from this interview. Preston Wittwer is an Assistant Editor and Podcast Producer and for a podcast produced by “The Philanthropy Journal” called “The Nonprofit Experience.” Preston graduated from Brigham Young University (BYU) getting a BA in Communications and MA in Englis

The Start of an Era

At AMI Studios Welcome to the ReTrosoundWAV blog my name is Andre or Dre, which ever name is easier to say. I am a creative individual that does a lot of things with sounds. Here’s a list of what I do: record two podcasts (DZN Podcast (owner), Peace Talks Podcast (host, edit, and audio engineers), edit clips for the ISGP Podcast (recorded at AMI Studios), and currently help out with clips of (NC States Podcast “The Non-profit Experience.”) Music: I produce, compose, write, a