Are You a Producer or Beat Maker?

GIF created by Andre Tidwell Up and coming beat makers, producers and others who are interested. The terms producer and beatmaker have been thrown around like they are the same. NO. When you hear someone called, producer or beatmaker, you may see are two different people for a reason. For a while and still today people get confused about the producer or beatmaker conversation because there has not been any clarity. If you have been around the music industry or seen conversat

“If You Know You Know”

Made by Andre Tidwell In the music culture people either love or hate the way music sounds today. It’s either because there are not enough real instruments, or it sounds to simple; however, I feel that there is a group of people that would like to know how to make beats. Well, in the words of Pusha T, “If you know you know,” but if you don’t I am here to tell you. Today, I will be presenting you with a video about how to make beats in FL Studio 12, by “Busy Works Beats.” Busy

The Start of an Era

At AMI Studios Welcome to the ReTrosoundWAV blog my name is Andre or Dre, which ever name is easier to say. I am a creative individual that does a lot of things with sounds. Here’s a list of what I do: record two podcasts (DZN Podcast (owner), Peace Talks Podcast (host, edit, and audio engineers), edit clips for the ISGP Podcast (recorded at AMI Studios), and currently help out with clips of (NC States Podcast “The Non-profit Experience.”) Music: I produce, compose, write, a