The Demonetization of Content Creation

Graphic I made with images I took myself and images from Pexels Video showing off what I do, and the categories of this post (Except podcast and I don’t play games) Now more than ever it seems easier and harder to get money and make a living on the internet. It seems like the more you want to be a content creator the more roadblocks that come in the way. Recently, I have realized that there are more companies that want to monopolize their platforms and slim the chances of ot

Poem: “A World Without Sound”

Made by ReTro d.r.E If the world was full of silence, how would we communicate? If the world lost sound how long would we survive the day? If you couldn’t hear how would you react? What would the world be without sound is the question? How much will we miss out will be the unknown question? A world without sound cold and silent. A lot of people would live, but slowly dying. Missing out on wavs swinging from ear to ear. Not being able to hear the sounds come out clear. Who are

Are You a Producer or Beat Maker?

GIF created by Andre Tidwell Up and coming beat makers, producers and others who are interested. The terms producer and beatmaker have been thrown around like they are the same. NO. When you hear someone called, producer or beatmaker, you may see are two different people for a reason. For a while and still today people get confused about the producer or beatmaker conversation because there has not been any clarity. If you have been around the music industry or seen conversat

7 Reasons Why Recording Engineers are Important

Made by Andre Tidwell (Stock Photos from Pexels) They say you must use your eyes to see something and your ears to hear something. In the case of being an recording engineer, both structures are important. Today, I will be giving you all a list of seven reasons why recording engineers are important. But first, let’s start off with the definition of a recording engineer: “someone who sets up and operates recording equipment and is responsible for creating, modifying and produc