Over The Summer: Reflection

GIF made by Andre Tidwell Figuring It Out Over the summer I learned a lot of new things, but I mostly learned about how to create music. But the most important thing that I learned this summer was about where I wanted to be in life. This came from me having an internship at AMI Studios, and I mainly focused on how to become a better artist, producer, engineer, video editor, podcast host, and more. Room For Improvement This past summer I have learned that I am on the right pat

The Start of an Era

At AMI Studios Welcome to the ReTrosoundWAV blog my name is Andre or Dre, which ever name is easier to say. I am a creative individual that does a lot of things with sounds. Here’s a list of what I do: record two podcasts (DZN Podcast (owner), Peace Talks Podcast (host, edit, and audio engineers), edit clips for the ISGP Podcast (recorded at AMI Studios), and currently help out with clips of (NC States Podcast “The Non-profit Experience.”) Music: I produce, compose, write, a